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Your membership supports:

  •  Exhibitions that respond to the social fabric of our district
  • Innovative artist projects that connect with our communities
  • Free admission that makes art accessible to everyone!

    The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District is growing, and shaping the future of art and culture in Ladysmith. A thriving artist community needs resources to grow and stay vital.

    We emphasize collaboration and engaging the community in dialogue where art and culture are a central force.

    Join us. Make a difference to our town. 

    Art is for everyone! 

    This is Your Gallery.

    The Arts Council of Ladysmith & District - Main Website at www.LadysmithArts.ca

    @2022 Arts Council of Ladysmith & District 

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    Office: +1 (250) 245-1252
    Email: info@ladysmitharts.ca

    Supported by:

    - BC Arts Council & the 

    - Government of BC

    - BC Gaming

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    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 2370

    Ladysmith | BC | V9G 1B8

    Location :

    444 Parkhill Terrace

    Ladysmith | BC

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